BIG UP! Streets of Cartagena · April 20

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Within the framework of the Big Up! Spaces and facilities will be enabled for national or extraordinary ARTE Assemblies: Association of Entertainment Representatives and Technicians, ACCES (Association of Concert Halls of Spain), APM (Association of Promoters).

To do this, a space will be set up for industry professionals on floor 1, where they will have a view of the market area and the showcases, but at the same time generating privacy to be able to develop the necessary BigUP! networking.

Specific talks will be held for different types of professionals and spaces will be set up where they can hold the necessary sectoral assemblies, as well as professional meetings.

There will also be a space to hold Speedmeetings that will be developed to connect the different aspects of the sector.

Only accredited professionals and musicians can access this space.

In plan: Market: Floor 1

Access with registration