BIG UP! Streets of Cartagena · April 20

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You cannot talk about an independent music scene without talking about the important management carried out by record labels. It is a form of activism, of energizing the music industry since independence and betting on a form of work that seeks to be an alternative way to the large music industry, often anchored in formulas and common places. Independent record editions have, therefore, the charm of what is done by betting on the author's work, which is known to last.

At the BigUP! Market will have a special space for independent labels, convened by the Independent Phonographic Association (UFI), where they can set up stands to show their releases as well as sell records and merchandising material.

A space would also be enabled for other festivals, and institutional stands to show the events that take place in different autonomous communities, or countries. To complete the programming, there will be concerts with artists from the participating labels who will perform at a time designed for this, as well as multimedia and gastronomic presentations from the stands that request them.

In plan: Market: Ground Floor: (Space 8 and 9) Showcases: Ground Floor and Floor -1: Stage)

Free access until capacity is reached with registration